Bath Bliss Clear Solid Print PVC Shower Liners, 72" x 70"

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Bath Bliss Splash guard shower liner with metal eyelets grommets includes splash guard suction cups to keep water where it belongs in your tub, three base magnets to keep your liner weighed down and in your tub. 12 Metal reinforced eyelets prevent tears in the liner which helps prolong life. Wipes clean with a damp cloth. Mildew-resistant material. Made of 100% PVC. 5.5 Gauge. Color: clear. Size: 70"x72".

  • Bath Bliss Shower Liner Deluxe Weight.
  • Splash Guard.
  • Splash Guard Suction Cups Helps Prevent Water from Spilling Out Of the Shower
  • Super Heavy Gauge To Keep Liner in Place
  • 3 Large Magnet Hem Helps Liner Stay in Place
  • Mildew resistant keeping your shower and bathroom clean
  • 70" x 72" (178 x 183 cm).

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