Cleancult Liquid Hand Soap Glass Dispenser, Shatter Resistant, Stone Gray, 12 oz

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Have faith in our stone gray refillable liquid hand soap dispenser: stylish, shatter-resistant, and dishwasher-safe, with a non-slip silicone sleeve. Pair it with one of our heavenly scented Liquid Hand Soap Refills for a match made in heaven. This is the last bottle of soap you’ll ever need, so we designed it to fit your home, lifestyle, and values. Our stylish, 12 oz glass liquid hand soap bottle will look great on any kitchen or bathroom sink and features an easy-to-use pump because cleaning should be cathartic, not a chore. No secret handshakes or ceremonial robes. Just a clean refill system made with 90% less plastic when paired with our paper based liquid hand soap refills. With our easy refill system, all you need to do is pour our eco refill into your Cleancult reusable glass bottle. Refill. Reduce. Rejoice! Be A No-Plastic Fanatic, Join The Cleancult.

  • Cleancult 12 oz refillable glass Liquid Hand Soap Dispenser with pump
  • Dishwasher safe shatter resistant glass soap dispenser with pump and non-slip silicone sleeve
  • Liquid hand soap dispenser for kitchen sink or bathroom sink
  • Refill our liquid hand soap dispenser with our wild lavender or lemon verbena scented liquid hand soap refills
  • This liquid hand soap bottle paired with our paper-based liquid hand soap refill completes our 90% less plastic refill system
  • From our results and formulations, to our refills and refillable bottles- clean always means clean