SPIEZ Women Safety Shoes Steel Toe Top Lightweight Work Shoes Size 36-39

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Extra Lightweight: Ultra lightweight material used for upper and sole of SPIEZ women safety shoes, reduce the burden on the feet and are suitable for long-time standing or walking.

Easy Lace Up: Equipped with spring toggle stopper, locking shoes lace for convenient use, guaranteed to keep the shoe laces tight and secure.

Shock Absorption: Unique hollow carved design, SPIEZ women safety shoes protect the arch of feet, shock absorption and cushioning via the holes in the sole.

Breathable: Covered with fly woven mesh upper, keep inside fresh and dry, keep the feet cool and comfortable without foot odor.

Multiple Use: For heavy industry and the manufacturing industry, provide multiple uses for ordinary work shoes and long-time standing or walking work.<div> <font face="MyriadPro">PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:</font> </div><div>- <font face="MyriadPro">SPIEZ women steel toe work shoes is specially designed for young people who pursue comfort and taste. It is designed with fashion elements to make the product young, fashionable and full of sunshine and vitality. It conveys the design concept of individual interpretation of fashion, self-expression, and uniqueness.</font>

</div><div>- <font face="MyriadPro">SPIEZ women safety work shoes advocates the quality model of the core value of "health and comfort". It integrates the style and charm of European and American fashion to build a brand with vigorous vitality and self-confidence.</font>

</div><div>- <font face="MyriadPro">STEEL TOE SHOES FOR SAFETY WORK
Hollow Designed and Lightweight
This new hollow sole is truly hollow, which not only reduces the weight, but also improves the support of the shoe. While the mass is reduced, the rebound rate of the midsole is also improved.

</div><div>- <font face="MyriadPro">Whether it is slip resistance or support, the ultra-light SPIEZ women safety shoes has a good performance and can definitely meet the needs of many safety issues.</font>

</div><div> FEATURES:

- Breathable Upper: Many small holes on the mesh material, this mesh safety shoes have good breathability, which can relieve the sultry feeling of the feet. Moreover, mesh shoes are softer and also have good wear resistance.

</div><div>- <font face="MyriadPro">Stopper Button: Made in high quality POM plastic, durable and lightweight, convenient and easy to wear and knot in daily use, provide with a very firm grip and keep lace tight and secure.</font>

</div><div>- <font face="MyriadPro">Elastic Opening Mouth: The upper has a certain elasticity, and the elasticity of the entire upper provides the packaging of the entire upper. SPIEZ women work shoes has a thinner mouth, 360° fit between the shoe mouth and the ankle.</font>